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Black on Black, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanics crimes or Blacks' crimes in general why are they magnified more than any other races who commit the same crimes. Is there some difference in the crimes committed. Murder is murder, with different degrees of murder, 1st degree, 2nd degree murder, robbery, rape, there are many others crimes you could name, but when a Black person commits any of these crimes, it is as if, Blacks' have destroyed the whole human races. There are White on White crimes, Asian on Asian crimes, Hispanic on Hispanic crimes, why is it that their crimes, get overlooked as a simple mishap, an outlier, not within the norm of what is expected of these races. Maybe not the Hispanics, because they get lumped in with the Black people crimes and community issues.

When it comes to Blacks' crimes, the media seems to portray, Blacks' crimes are the Armageddon of all crimes. Why is that people feel that blacks' are more destructed, more deadly, or crazy. When Blacks' commit crimes, people utter under their breath, here they go again, doing what they were born to do, kill, steal, and cause destruction. There is a belief out there in the general public, that Blacks and crimes go hand in glove, a perfect match or fit.

This perception that Blacks' are crazed out maniacs, who will commit crimes at the spare of the moment, or at the drop of a hat, has police officers' feeling the need to use deadly force more often against Blacks' than other races. When Blacks' and police come into contact with each other, police, and Blacks' are skittish toward each other, because of the perception, that Blacks'are deadlier than other races. Police officers begin the interaction with Blacks' already fearing for their lives, even before they know what is going on.

That skittishness, fear Blacks' and police have towards each other makes any contact between the two, a train wreck ready to happen. Police Officers are pulling their guns, at an increase or alarming rate, some officers start shooting, before any questions are being asked. It's as if the police, are saying shoot first, then ask questions later, because of the perceptions of Blacks' and the crimes that they commit.

The perception that Blacks' are more deadly when they commit crimes, and the media's magnification of reporting that crime,has created a deadly mix, when police are brought into the equation. Could the reporting of crimes about Blacks' heighten, and make people believe, that black's are committing deadlier crimes, than it really is be the problem.

There is a FBI report that says, that Blacks', Hispanics' are in trouble with the criminal justice system, at a higher proportionality than others races. Blacks' are the minority of the population of America, but are incarcerated more than twice the number of others races as well.

Every race has some bad characters, that create mayhem on the rest of us, who are trying to live in peace, and safety. When you put more inference, on the crimes of others who are different than you, then there is some other underling issues happening, that needs to be addressed. Your bias, should be left or check at the door, because crime is crime, it has no face, no voice or no character, it is just plain crime. Crime is the act that someone commits against, public laws that defines and or determines, what is bad behavior or acts, against the well fare of the general public.

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