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The beach when you hear that word what comes to mind when you hear the beach. Does the beach bring back fond memories of good times gone by or does the beach ring in good times ahead, because it is either summertime or getting close to summertime? When you hear the words the beach does a major holiday such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July come to mind or a family get together at the beach to have a great time together.

At the beach eating hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue ribs and all sorts of great food. The beach has many ambiances such as great warm weather, great sunsets and beautiful people having a great time everywhere all around you, where at the beach. Also at the beach, the coming in and going out of the tide of the waves has a calming effect on your soul.

At the beach there are many sceneries you can envision such as the sand, cliff's, rocks, boats, the ocean and all the people do all sorts of activities such as; swimming, surfing, bike riding, walking their dogs, skating and playing different beach games. The beach is more than just a place to lay around soaking up the sun and getting into the water. Most beaches have piers where you could wine and dine at some of the finest restaurants in the area while having a bird's eye view looking out at the ocean.

The beach is an area of sand or pebbly small stones or rocks surround by a body of water such as an ocean or lake or river. This country of ours has some of the most beautiful stretches of beach land in the world, as far as I'm concern. We have 12,383 miles of beach land. Of the 50 states consisting of the United States only, 24 states have what is consider a shoreline or coastline.

I guess people in general love to gather around water, and the beach is one great big gathering place. People gather at the beach to have a good time or just to walk along the shoreline or pier just thinking about how life. Hopefully thinking that life is good. The beach is a great place to meet and make new friends

Living in Southern California all my life we are so spoiled when it comes to beaches, because we have so many to choose from. Growing up my parents would say many times lets go to the beach and that's all they needed to say because we knew we were going to have some fun. So if you are close to or near a beach visit and have some fun at the beach.

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