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Adrien "The Problem" Broner can talk the talk with the best of them in the busy of boxing or pugilist. When it comes to his performance in the ring against top opponents he cannot walk the walk. Adrien seems to be more amused with his own oratory skills that he thinks he has, and less with his boxing skills.

Make no mistake about it Mr. Broner does have the boxing skills set to become a top notch or even great boxer if he truly focus on his skill set of boxing and not using his mouth so much. His mouth keeps getting him in all of his problems or troubles with the media, fans and other boxers. There is a saying that says "people may think that you are a fool, but they really do not know for sure. But when you open your mouth you remove all doubt that you are a fool'. That's why we all need to be very cognizant of what you know and what you say. Just because a thought comes to mind, it does not mean you have to speak it.

If the "The Problem" were to switch the two and boxing were to become his passion and was placed first ahead of talking he maybe on to something special as a boxer.

As I was watching his fight with Shawn "Showtime" Porter this past weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Adrien was the better boxer. But for some reason "The Problem" Broner created his own problems in the ring because he would not fight. Broner was faster than his opponent whenever he threw a punch. But for the most part Boner just committed to holding, wrestle whenever he got close to Showtime Porter.

Throughout the fight Showtime Porter was just flinging punches over the top punches that were telegraphic that you and I could see coming. Those punches were very slow and any elite fighter should have been able to counter those punches and do some serious damage to his opponent. But on this night Broner could not or he just would not use a counter attack. It seemed as if he was resigned to lose this fight or he just didn't want to fight.

I believe that Adrien "The Problem" Broner needs to do some serious evaluation of his chosen craft of boxing to determine it this is something that he is going to be committed to. I think that, that fight with Marcus Madonna when he got hurt, change is perception because now he knows that he can be hurt or the possibility of getting knockout and he is afraid of those consequences could occur.

He has created this atmosphere that he is bigger than life and that he is such a bad dude inside the ring that no way can he imagine himself to be on the canvas in a prone position on his back knockout. So he talks that talk outside the ring, but when it comes to actually fighting inside the ring he cannot walk the walk.

The question to Adrien "The Problem" Broner is do you really want to fight, and not so much as can he fight the fight. Hey Adrien fight the fight in the ring.

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